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By 5 yr. HSG lurker Lynnferd Keeran BS in Industrial Technology 1971: 

The Papp engine circa 1968 amid [] used a mixture of 
inert gases that could have been both catalysts and moderators of the 
Blacklight Process.  If dark matter that must be in over 90% of the 
universe was also present everywhere here on earth, hydrinos which 
Mills says constitute the dark matter, could exist inside the Papp 
engine and amid lightning. Hydrogen may not be needed for the 
Blacklight Process if the catalysts are shrinking further already 
shrunken invisible and ever present solar ash.  Doesn't Mills say 
that some of the many potential fractional combinations of hydrinos 
and dihydrinos could act as auto-catalysts in and around stars? Well, 
if they exist here on earth we will never isolate which ones we 
test.  Lightning's thunder has been a mystery because the shock wave 
reports that the temperature is far hotter than measured.  If the 
ever present star ash is acting as a Blacklight Process fuel AND 
catalyst, it may explain mysteries like thunder and the linear thrust 
in Papp engines which again use those same catalysts to reabsorb all 
that astronomical heat instantly as the process reverses in an 
equilibrium as Mills' 2000 patent actually claims. 

Ruggero Santilli joins a history of patents that make magnetic 
hydrogen amid other magnetic elements and compounds amid arcs under 
mixtures that include water, apparently to chill the plasma amid an 
intense electromagnetic field. Since at least Santilli's European 
patent applications with Dennis Klein list the byproducts of arcs 
under water and process refuse water as including "single atoms of H" 
in magnetic clusters with potentially many complex broken and thus 
simpler reformed molecules, the heat of combustion of magnetic gases 
containing H, hydrogen, would shake those single atoms of hydrogen 
free into things like the burning-hot oxygen, which in its second 
ionization state is a known Blacklight process starter catalyst.  
Therefore lightning and the sun both have plenty dark matter to work 
with and both thunder and stars have an intense magnetic field - like 
arcs under water. What is missing is just single atoms of hydrogen.  
But maybe nature does not need single atoms of hydrogen to start the 
Blacklight Process - omnipresent BLP star ash may do just as well!  
Will we ever know if the ash is magnetized like hydrogen?  Hydrinos 
are very hard to study and so are magnetic atoms for that matter, 
they cluster between states of matter.  The Papp engine could form 
the tiniest of lightning as Papp's isotope rays emit from sealed 
electrodes and rip a line of electrolyte into an ionized path for the 
briefest of current paths. This duplicates thunder at the atomic 
level.  We have heard the sound of this thunder amplified by an old 
sonic Geiger Counter. You want to hear this also when your inverted 
Geiger Counter, a cheap smoke detector is working.  

When the fresh line of isotope ray shattered electrolyte ions are 
deionized by a current pulse between electrodes or to the walls in 
Papp's engine, that currents electromagnetic field apparently is 
intense enough to magnetize the orientation of the resulting gases 
like hydrinos and sometimes hydrogen and their dirty company.  Papp's 
secret process involved inserting some of his electrolyte into a CRT 
where it was subjected to a high voltage glow which processed the 
mixture which included many inert gases.  Clusters of electrons in a 
discharge or just a "glow" erode an electrode with the smallest of 
molten craters splattering out nano dust as the target of those 
charge clusters gets hit, which in Papp's Cathode Ray Tubes, CRTs, as 
in oscilloscopes, picture tubes, and sonar scopes, include phosphors, 
rare element "getters" (that get the remaining partial commercial 
tube vacuum to be a higher vacuum, economically,) and filament 
coatings.  These lines instantly fold under mutual magnetic 
attraction and entrap gases and particles along the way; all at the 
atomic level.  So the Papp engine electrolyte contains a wild mixture 
of elements and particles, which feed and moderate a Blacklight 
Process on the surface of atoms-thick coatings on the walls and 
piston where iron-like containing materials drew them or 
electromagnetic induced currents drew them.  Therefore, Papp's linear 
thrust is a half-way atomic explosion on the surface of coatings 
which is instantly self-refrigerated just atoms above by hydrinos 
reabsorbing the astronomical series of BLP step's heat, as Mills' 
2000 patent describes an "equilibrium" of hydrogen and hydrino 
densities.  Apparently we need single magnetized atoms to start the 
process.  After a Blacklight instant Process cycle or B.L.i.P. cycle 
there may not be a magnetic field able to keep hydrogen or ash from 
forming molecules and preventing the reverberating heating and 
cooling cycles which may keep the sun's surface so cold.  So isotope 
assisted electrolysis along the smallest ion arc paths which are 
forming voltage dividers and thus power dividers for nano cells will 
make throttled quantities of magnetic gases like waters hydrogen and 

Nature also shows Mills' BLP applications when ion changes create 
gaps in the shell or Coulomb barrier and flip in star ash that may 
have needed to be trapped on that side of that host atom.  This ash 
by God's design gets flipped inside an atom commonly.  Doctor, this 
ash is able to perform atomic surgery.  Some sizes and molecules of 
the star ash once flipped into a host are variously drawn into nuclei 
cutting and/or splicing them into neighboring molecules.  Hydrinos 
and or dihydrinos once inside a nucleus may become neutrons or 
protons and electrons appearing as if the host merged or fused with 
hydrogen or cracked into hydrogen.  C.L. Kervran could guess about 
protons but he could not account for neutrons materializing or 
dematerializing during his career cataloging biological 
transmutations which he discovered were everywhere, both fusion and 
fission.   Inorganic counterparts are just as common; Miley then 
Fusion's editor created iron and a lesser dirty variety of other 
elements with simple arcs between pure carbon electrodes under pure 
water.  How do we keep track of all this amid lightning's arcs and 
Santillis sewage arc processing which is surely making other elements 
by fusion and fission without heat or radiation if we dare look?  

Protons and electrons that are said to fuse in the center of the sun 
just because the resulting neutrinos seem to be coming from there.  
Could this be mistaken in the light of ubiquitous transmutations?  
Diffuse neutrino paths are vanishingly noticeable so we will not 
likely find out this side The Great Tribulation.  Santilli has 
produced thermal neutrons just by arcing under pressurized hydrogen.  
Are neutrinos leaving the arc some other direction where they do not 
recombine with fresh neutrons?  Disk electrons may align in the arc 
and aim into proton ions.  The resonance in atoms may be like 
a "paraformer" where transformer coils at 90 degrees exchange power 
without magnetic flux.  The Allied electronics catalog circa 1970 
marketed a companies paraformer based power supplies that eliminated 
ripple by eliminating magnetic coupling!   What other profound 
phenomena are we overlooking?

"Aquygen" is a trademark name for magnetic hydrogen and oxygen.  It 
is used for torches that have a single hose and burn with a cold 
flame 259 F. yet it melts holes in bricks, charcoal and sublimates 
tungsten in videos by  This fabulous feat must be 
from the Blacklight Process.  This is what is happening on the sun 
where the surface Blacklight Process is constantly recycling and self 
cooling until the star ash, hydrinos, dark matter, get too far away 
from the neighboring heat to absorb it all.  This explains the corona 
getting so hot like many magnetic hydrogen containing torch mixtures 
where targets absorb the Blacklight Process spot heat out of 
efficient surface contact of nearby fresh BLP star ash. The 
Blacklight Process can now be made in bulk with radioactive waste 
filling crash and tamper proof electrodes in electrolysis vaults.  
This hyper processing of magnetic hydrogen which contains single 
atoms of hydrogen available against a zoo of catalysts and moderators 
for the Blacklight Process in torches trying to melt heat exchangers 
in flame replacements in industrial boilers will welcome the Lord 
back as His Children begin playing with star-like matches.

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