Solve the Global Energy Emergency:

Retrofit vehicles to cope both with oil shortages AND otherwise incompatible revolutionary new energy sources

by Lynnferd ††September 17, 2004 Study my background & links.Letís talk


†††† Let our work show love healing the world like Jesus did.Letís meet this emergency to help Bloomington survive and billions far beyond.

†††† BBC* 6/7/04: The top world expert, Colin Campbell, has a dire warning: "If the real [oil well depletion] figures were to come out there would be panic on the stock markets, in the end that would suit no one.Ē( ††I see ††w o r s e !, because all plans will be disrupted by both good and bad energy news.USís DOE is reviewing* revolutionary non-radioactive atomic power which will drive fuel demand down but the bad news is that global oil production is dropping.*We can not start consuming oil faster than it can be obtained!New atomic power is too late to help liquid fueled vehicles.Who will buy vehicles made obsolete by incompatible power sources?We must design a practical solution that will help industries and economies.Some overlooked expired patents may work miracles.

†††† The majority of a vehicle's combustion heat is now dissipated, wasted.Patents simply "recycle" the heat to help run the vehicle!US regulations now hinder modifications done on vehicles.However, because this emergency fuel shortage is world wide, entrepreneurs in other countries will desperately grab any solution.We will adapt but forget about having most foreign businesses pay any patent royalties. Other countries will prove retrofits are worth adjusting our rules to encourage their use.Combustion industries must compete globally.Wise governments will soon adjust their rules so we can solve the global energy emergency threatening to terrorize civilizationís ability to move.

†† ††Forget efficiency; retrofits may cut vehicle manufacturing costs and attractively, dramatically increase performance at the same time.These are huge incentives to modify new vehicles even in advance of the revolutionary power sources that will need some hopefully similar retrofitting technology to run all the old vehicles, or oil's decline that will need an efficient retrofit to economize.Such a technology would become standard equipment tomorrow.And be highly profitable.All over the world this retrofit technology will help sell vehicles quickly.

†††† Expert monitors say the natural pressure pushing oil up in wells is peaking out and falling off sooner than hoped.*Fuel prices will go way up now to ration fuel use.†† It is happening today!It is not the next generation's problem.Most will not be able to afford enough fuel!The poor will not be able to afford transportation to work etc.Businesses will fail for lack of workers.We could enter a deadly global depression unless all vehicles become more efficient quickly.We can do much more with less fuel by retrofitting engines with expired patents.Such attachments which modify existing vehicles are the only realistic solution to imminent global transportation paralysis.I need partners.

†††† Whatever is believed first, either the good or bad energy news, does not matter because we are not ready for either the free atomic heat sources or the failing oil supplies because people have become addicted to and totally dependant on liquid fuel in all our vehicles for moving anything.Free atomic heat will not help cars without adaptors.We need oil to fuel our way of life.We will pay all we have to get it.Therefore, everyone needs to retrofit his vehicle with something that makes it much more efficient AND able to use the new portable safe atomic reactors when they become available.†† We need former fuels to backup the strange new power source equipment that may fit into a trunk.†† I think adaptors can also boost performance and let solar cells help run existing cars.With enough such attachments, neither the good nor bad news will discourage vehicle sales, create massive unemployment or invite fuel shortages to inflate the cost of living globally.

†††† People will want to switch to free power sources fast.If vehicles can not run on the new energy sources they will not run at all when the oil industry fades out of business.Combustion industries, from manufacturing (likeM i t s u b i s h i ) to insurance (likeS t a t eF a r m ), could be devalued and lay staff off when enough people think that their vehicles are becoming obsolete and depreciated as loan collateral, and doubt they can get all the fuel they will need.*Vehicle depreciations may bankrupt personal and corporate finances.†† People know fuel suppliers can not always lower their prices to compete with the free alternative energy sources that manufacturers will be rushing to build into their new vehicles.On the other hand, world growth and progress requires yet more fuel and when it becomes apparent it does not come out of wells fast enough, the resulting shortages will drive up fuel prices as more consumers and stockholders bid for the remaining fuel capacity.Everyone must keep moving and working.Meanwhile, during this transition into free energy and oilís depletion, controversies over timely rationing could whip up fuel prices.Let us settle this by reducing this transition time into the wonderful age of free energy with adapters that make new hybrids.†† It should be a lucrative service industry that urgently retrofits all vehicles with the adaptors to do all this.

†††† There is no readily available substitute for oil at the rate we were able to get as simply as when it was gushing just yesterday.Although ways have been pioneered to grow liquid alternative fuels like corn alcohol for gasoline and soybean oil for diesels, any significant new facilities for processing these crops into fuel can not be built in time to help.Experience shows they will never become as affordable as oil is now.Because the remaining oil will soon be hard to "squeeze" out of the earth to compensate for it gushing slower out of wells by itself, increasing oil's production will not happen in time or be cost effective either.Wind, solar and biomass, although "renewable," they are inconsistent and slow to install, besides they are of the wrong kind demanded right now by growth and progress.The key critical shortage is liquid vehicle fuel, not electrical power generation.Conventional atomic fission electrical power plants also take many years too long to become relevant in this immediate global fluid energy emergency.A hydrogen economy is on some distant horizon, certainly no help now.

†††† We can grow and progress in spite of any combustion industry adjustments thanks to such retrofits.Without them both free energy's shock to business cultures and oil's rationing by price or regulations, will horribly complicate earth's health disabilities.Vehicles will not sell when the fuel needed by them is becoming obsolete and unavailable.Yet, neither free energy nor oil's depletion can be stopped now.Efficient retrofits promoted everywhere on earth could continually reduce the rate of our use of liquid fuels, and then demand could match dwindling production.With enough retrofits being installed fuel prices may not increase.Depleting oil fields can still dribble slower all they freely can and make oil pushers glad oil addicts survived withdrawal to give them a good living for maybe another generation.

†††† With new choices, stock investors will not bet on oil for fuel.The stocks of poorly managed energy companies will be sold to buy those supplying equipment for better power sources.Oil producers will not be able to find investors in more recovery equipment for old oil wells because fuel industries face total obsolescence from the new and ultimate natural power sources that duplicate stars.*The revolutionary star-like power sources are cold fusion similar to our sun's core and the "Blacklight Power Process" that mimics the energetic ultraviolet corona around the sun.A significant amount of the earthís heat comes from our sun's corona.The rest radiates from the colder white surface below.

†††† Shoppers wonít pay much for any inefficient vehicle if the fuel they need becomes hard to afford or even find.Former gas stations may stay in business by buying power or byproducts from the new owners of vehicles with Free Energy Devices, FEDs.Without retrofits the whole combustion industry will be shocked into a depression and take the world down with it.With retrofits; extravagant Americans along with the Indians and Chinese etc. can enjoy more creative high paying jobs and efficient high powered "green" vehicles, like tomorrow. †††††

* See my for background and links like a 2004 Expert Oil Depletion Conference link and BBCís story 6/7/04.