The Ultimate Energy Technologies

By Lynnferd E Keeran, lynnferd (at) 8/9/2006, [updated Nov. 5, 2009]

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There is a solution to Global Warming and the oil shortages, stated in the name of Jesus, claiming Jesus’ characteristics and under the authority of his best written intentions, God’s will in the bible.  We can be using the energy source of the stars in all vehicles with a Keeran retrofit.  But we can not save ourselves from some people abusing this ultimate energy technology for evil.  God alone can fairly eliminate the evil abusers among us and rescue all life on earth from those using overly powerful tools that will destroy ever more easily until we would self-destruct if he did not return as King of kings, as the bible says He will do.


Applying the technical process of stars will provide so much power to heal or destroy that this ability could only come only now at the end of time as the bible prophesies: “…it will not be understood until the end times, when travel and education shall be vastly increased,” Daniel 12:4.  And: “When that time comes, all doing wrong will do it more vile; good men will be better; those who are holy will continue on in greater holiness.” Revelation 22:11.  Now realize this: that we all are entering the end time.


The new Grand Unified Theory called Classical Quantum Mechanics, GUT-CQM, explains a rich history of patented devices whose mysterious power sources, according to Keeran, were actually utilizing what we now know to be the Blacklight Process, BLP.  As Lynnferd Keeran explains former patented devices energy mysteries we can begin to apply variations of these former free energy devices to existing vehicles through the use of Keeran adaptors.  Others may find better devices.  Keeran seeks to donate his technology instead of waiting to patent it because the need for free energy is so urgent.  Keeran sees it as a charitable Christian outreach opportunity.  News of star power empowers such an unmanageable set of users and abusers that it will require the absolute justice of God on earth to prevent evil men from destroying creation.  Evil has always sought to destroy all life as much as possible.  Good wants to do God’s will, life.


Others besides Keeran are also likely to simultaneously figuring out how to apply Mills’ CQM theory to old energy source inventions because I know they are being discussed together more often.  Randell Mills, who discovered the Blacklight Process, BLP, says it creates about 40% of our heat coming from the sun.  The BLP just needs a single atom of hydrogen to contact any catalyst of the right energy level.  But single atoms of hydrogen are never found in nature; they pair up, often instantly.  Keeran and likely others have noticed that a practical source of single hydrogen atoms for the Blacklight Process must be coming from magnetized molecular clusters discovered by Ruggero Santilli.  Santilli and his licensees sell industrial equipment mainly to eliminate pollution.  Who else besides Keeran has guessed that magnetized molecules are the key step in how lightning makes thunder, by the BLP?   Only Keeran explains how magnecules form around lightning and how they feed a BLP that forms thunder and huge straight bolts that become lasers that light up the occasional “sprites” or “jets” far above thunderstorms.  Only Keeran also links lightning’s magnetic field to the formation of magnetic clusters on sand grains which are then melted into glass tubes by the Blacklight Process upon typical follow-up lightning bolts.  Glass tubes left where lightning strikes sand are called fulgurites.


Keeran adaptors apply the understanding of how electrical arcs under water make magnetic molecules which are the subject of Santilli’s patents and others going back a hundred years.  Keeran adaptors use Santilli’s magnetic molecular clusters that he calls magnecules to trigger the Blacklight Process, BLP, which generates the astronomical heat of stars to flash boil water instantly inside a spark plug or fuel injector replacement.  Others may be guessing how the BLP links to magnetic clusters but are unlikely to see how to apply it to vehicles easily.  Keeran has already been studying and improving a steam retrofit devise since 1977 when he met an inventor who just got his patent on a retrofit that converted standard internal combustion engines, ICE, into internal combustion steam engines, ICSE.  1977’s ICSE uses heat formerly wasted to triple the power and efficiency of a retrofitted engine and cool it.


A Keeran adaptor forces water into an underwater arc as the arc forms magnetic clusters. The Keeran adaptor then reacts clusters into free power by the Blacklight Process, BLP.  This water injection is done like the 1977 patent but without its moving parts!  A powerful arc is amplified up from a spark by a tiny but effective electrical generator inside the space of the spark plug or diesel fuel injector replacement.  This all can be done with no moving parts in a crude home made device that many may construct from instructions provided over the internet.  Many refinements and upgrades will be desirable.  Better made devices will flood the market.  They will be very inexpensive with all the competition able to make them.  A huge cottage service industry will spring up all over the earth to upgrade engines into free energy devices.

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My calling is to show and effective business model alternative to patenting for rewarding inventors and investors.  Instead of fighting to restrain the use of an invention unless someone pays royalties or pays for the right to use the inventors intellectual property – I show a better way like the internets evolving business model of freely giving valuable information away and charging advertisers for the privilege of exposing their message to viewers like publications have been doing.  More money can be made giving information away than by trying to restrict sharing.  My goal is to encourage charity even if I do not profit financially.  Others can also contribute better ideas over the internet and hope to gain a return for their sharing news and a reward for their helpers and or investors. 


To realize this a new inventors alternative business model is needed in these last days on earth in this period before the rapture takes Christians off the earth supernaturally, which will leave people in bad company.  Although they missed the rapture some will repent and believe the bible during the greatest problems the earth ever will have. 


Many countries do not have a practical patent system to reward investors in most inventions, so my example releases the creativity of the vast majority of poor people on earth.  Investors will eagerly seek out good ideas because here is a way to promptly be rewarded without many legal delays or liabilities.  The best news will get the web traffic.  Trade related ads will naturally want to tell viewers about their products or services.  I will regulate the quality of my ads to fit my goal to honor Jesus’ will.  You could do as you choose.


As my web efforts help share this retrofitting adaptor and others experiences and progress like a trade journal might, there will be practical encouragements to help outreach information into remote locations.  Culturally relevant guides will be linked to that encourage publishing web information for local audiences even if they are illiterate.  Local paper advertisements would reward the new publishers.  There should be a booming new industry to supply tools and services for retrofitting most of the cars on earth as soon as possible.  Poor countries could experience used cars coming to them for modification, a huge help for unskilled to learn about the trade.


I need early founding partners who share my value for winning souls to learn the truth about their God in the bible and accept Jesus sacrifice for their mistakes and ignorant resistance to his presence.  Jesus allowed himself to be tortured to death exactly as predicted thousands of years in advance for evidence of his perfect love for who we are.  We do not need to remain lost in sin.  He knows how hard life is but there is life after death which is as obvious as hearing his story which would not exist if he did not rise from the dead on his schedule.  Jesus wants all to come to live with him where they will be respected and personally held and spoken to forever along with his heavenly companions.  We exist to share Jesus’ heavenly Fathers dominion if we really love Jesus who we can read about for ourselves in the bible.