The Ultimate Energy Sources Are Available!

[November 25, 2009: Summarized with many hyper links]

Renewable alternatives have replaced the use of oil, and now here coal. Vital affordable supplies of fossil fuels have peaked and will decline; see current news of global outcries at  Unknowingly, ideal solar processes have already been made into safe working devices!  Some patents have expired.  Discover that the tiniest of stars do retrofit fireplaces!

Here is how ideal energy sources have worked and are improved and maintained to heal shortages of affordable energy so Mankind can recycle materials and add value. Reforming the ideas in physics lets healers use vital phenomena to rescue billions. Ideal resources will require THE perfect King that will prevent ruinous selfish abuses of the powers of creation. 

By Lynnferd E. Keeran, LEK, February 5, 2009 lynnferd at updated November 17, 2009

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Author Lynnferd E. Keeran, for 35 years an independent researcher, is a 60 year Bloomington IL native with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology from Illinois State University in 1971.  Star processes that naturally change elements on earth have been unknowingly tapped for powering patented engines over the years.  Most former mysterious alternative energy source devices were unreliable; everyone needed to understand how they worked so that they could have been maintained.  Keeran worked around George Miley in 1969 at the University of Illinois Nuclear Research Laboratory. Miley edited the Fusion Technology journal in circa 1998 when he published his experiment that carbon arcs under water caused elements to change from one element into another.  This has always been taught as practically impossible. Such element transmutation discoveries were forgotten for lack of a theory. Even though others confirmed these facts the textbooks have not changed. Here Keeran shows how Miley's 1998 element creation process was from recently discovered star processes that occur on earth.  This technology will rescue Mankind tomorrow.  Keeran has studied these breakthroughs and extended a newly proven comprehensive theory to explain devices that have unknowingly used star processes.  Usable star methods must urgently be applied to save Mankind from dire vehicle fuel shortages. Actually, some unappreciated star process engine patents that have taken the place of fuel oil energy sources have already expired. No one knew what they were doing was the same safe solar process from which Mills recently said that the earth gets 40% of its heat.  1986 Harvard Doctor Randell Mills MD is the head of about a 20 employee in New Jersey, USA; it is about a 60 million dollar privately capitalized corporation. Now that Mills has a non-radioactive 50 Kilowatt prototype star process furnace under contract with two utilities, others may finally believe what Randell Mills teaches, which is that the electron is a zero thickness disk; the electron's disk diameter varies but it is about the size of an atom, and electrons form stretched spherical bubbles of differing radii around atoms which Mills calls "orbitspheres." Therefore, electrons are NOT a point-like particle and electrons do not spin in planet-like orbits around a nucleus. Mills proves he knows physical reality through another company he started called Millsian is selling laptop software that exactly describes the shapes of all molecular re-combinations in real time to all known measurements of distance; and the software describes the amount of energy in all of the various bonds. Users can test different molecular re-combinations which are quickly and accurately presented with data via "Millsian's" computer modeling software.  Mills' work corrects all of the traditionally taught complications that arise when students try to understanding how electrons really work in science. Mills' proven redefinition of electrons reforms ideas about everything in the universe made of electrons, which is almost everything!  So Keeran has applied Mills new electron understanding to patented alternatives to oil as an energy source; these are devices that have already demonstrated that they are mysterious continuous energy sources; Keeran explains how we can understand them well enough to improve and maintain these former star powered devices in order to rescue billions who will soon begin to starve for want of supplies of all kinds. Mankind desperately needs affordable alternative transportation fuel resources, alternatives to coal burning, alternatives that stop the burning of food stocks; and thereby Man could hope to become healed of dire environmental damages to air, water, and soil. According to Keeran, Mankind can tap into the process of stars tomorrow. Star process technologies are not toxic, complicated, or expensive. They have been unbelievably 'too good to be true.' This long news article "Quantum Leap" from 10 years ago predicts Mill's reformation of physics will change economies: and shorter local news in 2006   cited is how such progress meets great resistance. Review the 2006 book Genius Inventor: The controversy about the work of Randell Mills, America's Newton, in historical and contemporary context: by Thomas E. Stolper.

Few know Einstein said the math of physics was clearly being mistakenly done before Einstein died; and that math has not been reformed until Mills fixed it; Mills is our next Einstein.  Mills a 1986 Harvard MD has been correcting physics and the math of physics for decades. Mills has not been popular among physicists. Articles that could be cited really get into the intricate details; like Mills scholarly "Classical Physics" Blacklight Power's (TM) freely downloadable web theory book, that observers like Keeran have watched grow into thousands of pages over about 15 years! Keeran applies Blacklight's data true theory to mysterious historic inventions that were continuous alternatives to oil use.  We desperately need those cheap energy sources now. Since many of these alternative energy source devices are so old that their patents have expired, Keeran wishes to donate variations and combinations which will rescue the lives and livelihoods of all Mankind.  Please help solve humanities needs in every way possible during this global survival emergency.  Everyone should be dedicated to charitably serve others needs.

Here is some of the KEY EVIDENCE for Lynnferd E. Keeran's Revolutionary Theory that discovers the Ultimate Source of Energy exists in nature and in formerly patented phenomena:

AS+++Kervran's 1980 French book on "Biological Transmutations" fully catalogs major element changes in nature; has Kervran's last incomplete manuscript.

---Fetal chickens form bones in eggs without enough calcium; they most likely make calcium from potassium by cold fusion.

---Drying fruit etc. radically changes ratios of elements by cold fusion and cold fission.

---Seed germination often significantly changes elements. Just for one example: potassium and calcium ratios may change.

---Some sea creature's shed shells and make new calcium shells without any calcium in or around them to assemble a shell with.

---Wild plants make elements lacking in soils. That is why farmers historically left land fallow; it was to replenish imbalances.

---Spanish moss makes iron on bare copper wires without contact with soil, even inside of a greenhouse. Kervran catalogs more...

---People needing calcium make it from organic silica, like from the herb horsetail.

---Iron will form from manganese in people.

---Manganese ore is enriched using bacteria.

---Oxygen life processes and odd sulfur life processes are related by atomic numbers.

SO===This is universal organic cold fusion and cold fission. Keeran shows how atoms loan and save nuclear energy without toxic waste, like batteries -- unless atoms are "smashed"! Research:


AS+++G. Miley, University of Illinois, editor of the prestigious Fusion Technology journal, published:

---Pure carbon rods arcing under pure water produces new elements: iron and other elements.  This has to be called fusion.

Singh, M., et al., Verification of the George Oshawa Experiment for Anomalous Production of Iron From Carbon Arc in Water. Fusion Technology, 1994. 26: p. 266.

Reference number 165 amid many others at

SO===Similar simple experiments prove inorganic cold fusion and cold fission; this is evidence that the Blacklight Process (TM) is related "cold fusion."

Keeran Theory LINKS this in-organic transmutation method to the organic ones above.  Keeran below links the Blacklight Process (TM) to unusual linear thrust that is acting without any apparent reaction.


AS+++The Blacklight Process (TM), BLP (TM), discovered by Randell Mills of 'Blacklight Power (TM)' establishes:

---Catalysts shrink hydrogen into tiny 'new' "hydrino" species via the BLP (TM) process, like in chemistry: without any radioactivity.

---Halfway nuclear-energy densities are released from hydrogen, proportional to hydrogen's 'hydrino' quantum shrinkages.

---Mills is proven correct by selling software that models any molecule exactly to known measurements. This changes all of science.  The competition can not even come close.

SO===The Blacklight Process (TM) in Keeran Theory is basic. Keeran greatly extends Mills Theory to explain the strong nuclear binding force, nuclear energy; and to explain: the surface of the sun, thunder, "sprites and jets," even to gamma ray bursts, generated by "blue jets;" above thunderstorms, and to key energy source devices that have provided a real alternative to oil and other fossil fuels.


AS+++Ruggero Santilli has patents that make magnetized gasses, some processes generate excessive heat. His related trademarked:

---"Aquygen" torch of magnetized hydrogen and oxygen burns cold until it melts bricks and many targets at over 10,000 Fahrenheit , too high to measure. Generating continuous bonus heat energy!  The torch flames temperature jumps depending on the target; viewed at

SO===Keeran notices magnetic clusters uniquely hold hydrogen as single atoms; making them available for a BLP (TM).  Continuous bonus energy torch heaters could replace boiler burner's fossil fueled flames in furnaces and be scaled all the way up to gradually replacing coal burners in major industries like in electrical power stations.


AS+++Joseph Papp had mysterious patents and videos of continuous alternative energy source engines that initially used water, chlorine, and inert gasses.

---Hundreds of horsepower in modified car engines, perpetually: no fuel; no heat or exhaust. But why did they explode fatally?

---Study a 2003 trade journal's completely convincing lengthy report: more at:

SO===Keeran finds others overlook Papp's electrolysis which made magnetized hydrogen as fast as necessary.

SO===Keeran finds Papp's 1968 cannon shown rupturing like a pealed banana, proves it was because Papp did not guess that the walls were coated with his magnetized hydrogen mixtures.  Keeran claims that mixture which included single atoms of hydrogen generated an astronomical explosion on the surface. A few atoms above the surface, fresh Blacklight Process (TM) byproducts met and cancel the explosion.  The surface continued to "feel" the rocketing explosive heat and pressure working its way through the surface coating, thrusting quarter inch stainless steel shards curving backward; profoundly the opposite curvature of a chamber pressure explosion. See the movie yourself of the overpowered cannon demonstration at a government test range in 1968. Find it amid the oldest video archives at

SO===Keeran says magnetized coatings burn hot making high pressure - creating linear pressure, thrust BUT like the surface of the sun and thunder the Blacklight Process (TM) heat is neutralized if the byproducts are able to meet. Surfaces can absorb the thrust, or heat out of reach of byproduct hydrinos.  The dispersing corona of the sun moves hydrinos too far away from heat rays to continually re-absorb millions of degrees of star heat.  Mills year 2000 patent effectively states that hydrinos refrigerate fresh astronomical temperatures.  Likewise, thunder's shockwave is the only clue of millions of degrees of heat that was instantly neutralized by Blacklight Process (TM) byproducts.

SO therefore = = = Practical Keeran Theory enables Papp-like retrofits to be made and safely maintained bypassing fossil fuels.

= = = SOME interrelated phenomena are too complex to list. They are not obvious without the explanation presented in other papers available off line.

The astronomical heat from the Blacklight Process (TM), BLP (TM), in the corona of stars,, needs just SINGLE atoms of hydrogen so that IF catalysts, that randomly lie all around us, are adequately contacted they can shrink hydrogen atoms and mimic tiny stars.  Single hydrogen atoms are tricky to isolate and prevent from joining other atoms on earth.  Keeran finds that the intense magnetic field of stars and earth counterparts are the key for keeping single atoms of hydrogen to exist alone; Mills does not seem to recognize this atomic sized holding method.  Blacklight Power (TM) has published formulas for determining the catalysts; a different set of catalysts with a different energy carrying value are needed for each of a series of fractional hydrogen shrinkage steps.  Blacklight Process (TM) catalyst materials need to transfer a certain quantity range of energy to perform each shrinkage step of the hydrogen atom; this energy quantity is measured in standard electron-volt units. This ability of the hydrogen atom to shrink and give up enormous energy in a "resonance transfer" to a catalyst was unheard-of before Mills' research which started before 1989 when cold fusion was discovered by Ponns and Fleishmann.  Mills originally thought he had the formula for cold fusion which gets warm but Mills has since distanced himself from the politics of those ideas. Keeran Theory dares to make the connection between Mills' star energy process discovery with its safe moderate atomic energy levels and how the byproduct ash can change elements. Keeran links two basic things: (1) the ubiquitous Blacklight Power (TM) where SINGLE hydrogen atoms are shrinking and giving off various amounts of dense heat energy characteristic of their 1/n step, a fractional dimension of the standard "ground size" hydrogen atom, where "n" is a whole number no greater than 137, and (2) the nuclear energy changes in any atom's nuclei that accommodate the natural cold fission and cold fusion which often involves no temperature change.  Since 1989's news many have associated "cold fusion" with some occasional heat, Keeran uses the term more literally meaning elements change without heat.

Lynnferd E. Keeran here now for the first time uniquely claims that nature often provides a sufficient variety of catalysts in many dirty natural environments that can instantly mix and match values that can enable the Blacklight Process (TM).  Therefore, these processes have only one critical need: the odd existence of single atoms of hydrogen. Scientists know that single atoms of hydrogen almost do not exist in nature even though hydrogen (if you include dark matter) and hydrogen's plasma state may be over 95% of the mass of the universe! This is because cool hydrogen normally combines into molecules and does not remain as a single atom. Yet, Keeran explains how the Blacklight Process (TM) with its need for single hydrogen atoms can help generate the sound of thunder. Keeran has solved some mysteries like the heat implied by thunder by noting the center of Mills' lengthy year 2000 patent where it mentions the Blacklight Process (TM) reverses creating an "equilibrium" or balance between generating energy or absorbing it.  It effectively states that after the Blacklight Process (TM), the "hydrino" byproducts instantly can "refrigerate" it's neighbor's fresh extreme star-like temperatures!  Therefore Keeran theorizes that extreme temperature shock events do occur but are mutually neutralized or canceled for a net non-event.  Keeran believes that these temperature or energy contrast events are a point of fact so big that universe can almost be driven through it!  This astronomical energy formation and cancellation is analogous to matter anti-matter ideas and may be confused with those longstanding anti-matter assumptions.  Keeran applies this odd hot-cold fact to thunder's flash, the sun's cool "surface," natural element changes – the cold transmutations, and to other existing and former mysterious energy source devices so that we may gain necessary insight for ever more practical energy source designs, informed maintenance and a manageable understanding of new vital energy devices.  Some devices may make elements from undetectable dark matter, star ash, hydrinos that are already between all atoms.  Shifting sizes of background dark matter, an almost neutron sized star ash, generates astronomical energy when shrinking some ash but that liberated energy can enlarge other already larger ash into materializing new materials; we are talking about creation itself, like how planets form in relationship to stars. Major power and materials from what seemed like nowhere is documented in nature.  Neutrons show up or disappear in the process of the growth of most cells; C. L. Kervran catalogued these biological transmutations occurring everywhere in nature; web published his last incomplete manuscript. Kervran's books translated from French are owned by Keeran; they are out of print. Later Keeran tells exactly how ash is easily flipped through an atom's Coulomb charge barrier.

Keeran claims that the formation of extreme energy and its instant cycling back to normal temperatures forms a series of bold new discoveries in physics. Keeran's basic contribution is the discovery of a normal faster-than-light quantum rate cycling of massive energy; elaborated on amid a 66 minute interview on blog talk radio with host James Robey in November; but the talks experiment failed to be replicated; , or This new understanding explains mysteries of "creation" and ongoing transmutations of matter. Mills has been first to "unequivocally" identify the invisible "dark matter" as coming in 137 sizes of, what Mills terms, "hydrinos," the byproducts of his BLP (TM) star corona process. Keeran abbreviates this idea by calling dark matter just "star ash." Keeran enlivens this major claim of Mills by actually locating the function of "dark matter" in our midst. "Dark matter" has been suspected as being present all around us, because it is over 95% of the mass of the universe. Keeran explains how star ash is injected at least throughout the earth's biosphere. Keeran uniquely shows "dark matter" to be a necessary vitamin-like element in all of nature and it can become visible in contact with enough unnoticed energy, which Keeran claims is available in other larger hydrinos, star ash, around us finishing more Blacklight Process (TM) energy producing shrinkage steps and massive energy in passing background star "neutrino" rays, which constantly pass through everything.  Presently physics texts say that "neutrinos," which are extreme bundles of energy created when neutrons form inside of stars, seem to be constantly passing through stars and planets without any effect or changes. However, Keeran says a neutron, when it rarely gets outside of an atom, may be absorbing a neutrino and become an undetectable hydrino, in background star ash; thus the neutron is not annihilated somehow, just enlarged into a neutral tiny form of hydrogen. Therefore Keeran Theory suggests this may not be actually the free neutron's annihilation that is typically observed in about 15 minutes; the neutrons disappearance is NOT because of some collision with fictional anti-matter as now taught. Anti-matter theories may have been a hasty rationalization with much less evidence for anti-matter explanations than for Keeran's dark matter ash size shift theories.

It is known that an isolated or free standing neutron only exists for about 15 minutes; then that neutron, a basic mass of existence, just disappears! Keeran puts these facts together to solve a list of other mysteries - like the miraculous materializations of neutrons in biology indirectly cited by C.L. Kervran before 1983; more on Kervran's Biological Transmutation can be found at Inorganic transmutations, the element change counterparts to the biological ones, are surprisingly common and are being ignored. George Miley, the editor of the Fusion journal, then at University of Illinois in 1998, published his professional experiments showing fusion somehow occurs between water and carbon creating iron and other elements just by arcing the pure carbon under pure water! This news threatened to change the understanding of the stars and the universe! Miley was pressured to resign. But defenders confirmed his experiments: Keeran Theory explains the time variable transmutation ratios.  Almost anyone can do this carbon arcing under water without leaving their kitchen. Carbon rods are inside most batteries and you can detect iron with a magnet.  Any iron and there must be some form of unusual fusion.

Keeran shows why a surprising gap in the Coulomb barrier briefly exists when atoms ionize or de-ionize, like generally happens when materials are wetted and ionized or dried and crystallized.  Each electron disk covers a significant percentage of the surface area on a host atom. A brief gap logically occurs when a disk electron comes or goes from an atom, because a flat disk must form from or into a curved shield-like surface on an "orbitsphere," as Mills calls the definite bubble-like surface of an atom and the smaller bubble-like shells that most atoms have under their outer surface. There is a geometric gap problem of the isolated, free standing, electron which is a flat disk, mechanically folding to join a host atom's surface, or the reverse when leaving. This brief gap apparently acts like a gate to let in some undetectable dark matter, a hydrino or several hydrinos alone or in di-hydrino molecules, if this star ash happens to be setting on the atom's outer shell's disk electron that moves; something like a fly on a gate that is flipped inside especially by a fast gate opening. That moving outer electron acts as a gate for easy passage through the otherwise tough outer shell of any atom.  The junctions between electrons in any orbitsphere which apparently are shield shapes become important to try to imagine next. Keeran does not know how others describe these junctions between electrons other than the sample images of atoms and molecules found on The single electron hydrogen atom looks like it wraps the single proton and stretches to contact what was its far rim if it was an unattached "free" electron, free from or away from the influence of other electrostatic charges that apparently would curve it. Maybe the edges of a single electron overlap to cling magnetically since one surface of the disk is north and the other side of the film is south poled. The electrostatic charge is concentrated in the center and would apparently allow the overlap to occur where it's like charge repulsion is weaker than its magnetic attraction.

Dark Matter is known to exist all around the universe and now Keeran locates it amid us as a vital element for nuclear surgery. Dark matter is like atomic dust because it is almost the size of a tiny neutron, and if it drifts near enough or gets briefly pinched against a host molecule the hydrino, this star ash, may be flipped inside to perform cold innocent nuclear surgery and change an elements proton, neutron, and electron counts, by the ash atom or molecule of ash joining a host doing cold fusion or cutting that atom's nucleus or perhaps while the host or target atom is in a molecule it cuts nuclei into cold fission pieces where protons, neutrons and electrons join another atom molecularly attached to the flipped-in-ash targeted nucleus. By such element transmutations nature shifts VAST amounts of nuclear energy constantly without heat or radiation, in order to change elements needed by organisms for growth; life can not obtain every element from the environment immediately needed when cells divide. Later, Keeran will detail how atoms briefly store or loan nuclear energy, until neutrinos passing through normalize the imbalances between all atoms.  Atoms normally act like nuclear batteries unless they are smashed.  Nature non-toxically balances huge amounts of nuclear energy constantly between atoms without inefficient heat changes or isotope-like radiations that are characteristic of damaged atoms, rather nature resembles how people use unnoticed batteries like say those in a cell phone, for energy adjustments that open our ability to live and move to systems far beyond our immediate experience.  Life is linked intimately with star material and energy.  Keeran here declares that former high energy physics studies are overlooking an obvious natural energy source that has been tapped by many historic inventions, like those of Joseph Papp circa 1968, Stanley Meyer pre 1998 and currently by Ruggero Santilli. See my paper explaining Papp; search for "Lynnferd applies CP" [Classical Physics] or

Consider reacting sets of Blacklight Process (TM) hydrogen or hydrinos and catalysts for analysis next.  Depending on which side of a net surface of clusters of these reacting sets we study the net effect is quite different.  How sets Blacklight Process (TM) forms of hydrogen and catalysts are activated changes how this star reaction affects the overall system.  The net effect can be from almost nothing like an open "Aquygen" flame that is only a fourth of a normal flame temperature or if a target is struck by reacting forms of magnetic hydrogen and catalysts like hot oxygen the spot astronomical heat can be absorbed out of reach of hydrinos that would refrigerate it back to cool starting temperatures.  A coating and foundation under an exploding BLP (TM) surface coating will experience a crushing thrust because each little Blacklight Process (TM) acts like the tiniest of rocket explosions pushing on each point of the net surface. However, only a few atoms above an exploding series of atoms doing more Blacklight Process (TM) the heat, light, and hydrinos: the byproducts can meet and act in reverse to absorb all of the astronomically explosive heat that adjacently expanded the mixtures on the reacting surface coating.  This unique ability of the Blacklight Process (TM) byproducts to neutralize their neighbor's extreme heat means there can easily be no apparent explosion in the typical way of describing an explosion because what just happened was cancelled.  A burning surface coating of magnetic hydrogen mixtures can exhibit a peaceful glow yet the surface may experience enormous thrust as sets of star-like reactions, measured in widths of atoms, are exploding and pushing against it. Where is the typical volume of explosive gasses, like the equal reaction thrust of gasses coming from a rockets exhaust, to push against the coating and in turn the base surface under the thin magnetic hydrogen gas mixture coating?  Papp's piston's surface just shows a nice sparkly glow in videos of his see through cylinders; about 80% into this hour video: The BLP (TM) explosion is hitting forcing materials closer together under the hydrogen and catalyst mixture coating's surface BUT no chamber volume pressure is sensed just above this surface coating!  This seems impossible –but Joseph Papp demonstrated this linear thrust without volume pressure in all his devices which even Papp could not quite explain adequately in patents. Papp invoked exotic unrelated terms like [cool nuclear] fusion and electrical charges that created all of the enormous forces even under water cycling perpetually. Actually Papp's thrust against a base surface exists even though there is no typical apparent significant surface area heat rise noticeable like what would be expected if Papp's piston's surface was coated with solid rocket fuel.  Papp apparently for decades repeatedly filmed and demonstrated no significant increase in the chamber pressure enough to rupture a acrylic plastic see-through test cylinder Papp used for monitoring the repeatedly cycling glows in his sealed modified standard piston engine combustion chamber volume or on the apparently burning surfaces while quite surprisingly the piston surface amid the glow acted as if their was an explosion continuing against it.

No heat accumulated during hours of operation while the cycling piston generated many horsepower continuously for years of off and on tests. We can now determine how it happened by the way the base surface acted; it was because of the force against the thin instantly formed, then deposited, and then used up: thin magnetic hydrogen gas mixture coating the pistons base surface, or in other words the force against the net set of textured surfaces that the magnetic film coating coated, perhaps drawn there by an induced electromagnet.  Studies of this glow will be too complicated to observe in detail. Realistic estimates of what is glowing in these countless pairs of reacting spots between forms of hydrogen and catalysts, spots that are measured in the widths of atoms, must count all the Blacklight Process (TM) sets of the forms of hydrogen, hydrinos, and catalysts.  And included are all of the constantly drifting-by background amounts of star ash, unsensed hydrinos and di-hydrino molecules that are already in existence between every known atom and molecule. With our known counterpart amounts of the same things, forms of single hydrogen and specific catalysts realize that Mills says some forms of hydrino may act as a catalyst if conditions are right. The already shrunken, fractionally sized, hydrinos that exist in any spot will trade energy between each other and become shrunk or swollen further.  Mills says the fractional hydrino sizes are between: 1/2, one half, down to 1/137 the size of a hydrogen atom in 1/n steps where n is a whole number between 2 and 137.  Any size changing BLP (TM) spot reaction depends on intricate environmental conditions for each tiny spot among a sea of atoms. The net energy generated or absorbed by each spot is beyond prediction because random fractional step BLP (TM) temperatures sweep cycles of explosions astronomically hot and then new hydrinos absorb it all back cool again. The temperature shocks change the environment of the tiniest unit of volume, a spot of various materials ability to act as a catalyst as temperatures dance radically instantly. Because of spot temperature shocks there are more likely to be some combinations of catalysts that meet one of the needs of 137 steps and the shocks continue like on the sun until they get too far apart. 

Some hydrinos, Mills says, can act as catalysts for other hydrinos; of course, star ash does not get close enough together to do a star BLP (TM) after they were dispersed from near stars, Keeran cites exceptions.  Like fireplace ash which might have charcoal leftover such that, that ash is still able to burn more much later, so can star ash react eons later if ever re-concentrated.  Star ash, dark matter, is famously undetectable, like neutrinos, major energy bundles, which are also nearly undetectable; Keeran links them. Keeran shows areas where freshly magnetized atoms cluster, and snap together for the first time, they can act like a fish NET as clusters cluster and gather together dispersed background "dark matter," the nearly-neutron-sized shrunken hydrogen atoms, star ash, that was between the now magnetic atoms pulling together. These fish nets collect ash into potentially active BLP (TM) concentrations amid a dense magnetic cluster of likely many kinds of freshly magnetized atoms, potentially many different elements.  Elements have different well known electron-volt energy values dependant on their temperature, which determines their ionization state.  Each atom's excited, or hot, ionization state, the first, the second, or maybe if it has a third ionization state has a different energy value. Such that when this star ash, now sort-of a star dust cluster, is triggered by an initial heat shock, maybe a spark or maybe a hydrogen atom burning, that sweeping heat change on the spot environment pulses BLP (TM) catalyst's electron-volt values into an operating range for a cascade of instant Blacklight Processes (TM). You might expect a big BLP (TM) explosion, BUT most of that fresh byproduct hydrino ash immediately just self-refrigerates area heat, absorbing their spots' neighborhood heat and just swells back up some fractional sizes, for a net non-event. In order for BLP (TM) ash to do an internal BLP (TM) with other star ash, ash needs to be crushed closely together like it was near a star AND likely swept through a great range of temperatures instantly.  Keeran can show in detail how lightning has edge conditions similar enough to the sun to do a BLP (TM); therefore, lightning's BLP (TM)s astronomical heat shock causes most of the thunder's shock wave before its own byproduct ash self-refrigerates its perhaps millions of degrees.  The sun's corona away from the surface photosphere averages about two million degrees. Flaring spots get far hotter.

Mills makes Blacklight Process (TM), BLP (TM), lasers using water vapor. All air has at least some water vapor in it. Keeran proves lasers light up the rare mysterious "red sprites and blue jets" which are respectively straight down small comets and nearly vertical small meteors, making huge flashes far above thunderstorms, solving that mystery in other papers Keeran has written.  This is how we know that lightning causes BLP (TM) lasers when lightning is rarely perfectly straight and lightning's arc is following vertical burn trails' ions; however, lightning straight or crooked always causes a BLP (TM) for thunder.  Keeran Theory explains how an electrical arc's electro-magnetism mimics star magnetism which enables a BLP (TM); now we can do stars.  Keeran reveals exactly how a Blacklight Process (TM), BLP (TM), can and has been arranged in arc related devices on earth.  NOW we can understand our mysterious alternative energy devices we are analyzing here.

The easiest continuously available bonus energy reaction has been sold for about three years by  and longer by their historical root  but founder Santilli uses variations of former mistaken physics models of the electron which can not easily explain how a video of a cold 259 degree Fahrenheit torch actually melts bricks!  Trademarked "Aquygen" torches instantly sublimate tungsten into a gas vapor far beyond just melting tungsten, reaching instantly into temperatures over 10,000 degrees: see videos of this commercially available wonder torch at  . Keeran says some magnetic hydrogen atoms that cluster instead of forming molecules provide the key single atoms of hydrogen for a Blacklight Process (TM) in such torches, on the surface of the sun, and for thunder.  Just by doing arcing through even dirty coal-like slurries, a process that happens to resemble how "magnegas" corporation manufactures some of their unusual magnetic gas mixtures, we can expect to get similar torched targets astronomically hot instantly, like their torched targets do. These magnetic gas torches retrofitted as a flame or burner replacement could retrofit coal dust burners in industrial power boilers and heat expendable intermediate heat exchangers that are some grit resembling conventional coal ash cinder fly ash; read more about this below.

Perhaps DC arc lines or inductive electrical arc   curtains, that may resemble microwave cooking but in ways that deliberately cause area arcing as well, through which some former flame fed supplemental coal slurries are thrown will allow all coal fired power stations to immediately become a hybrid Blacklight Process (TM), BLP (TM), powered star heat boiler system; clean, cheap, and renewable energy from the constant background of neutrinos passing trough us and restoring tapped star process energy.  Refinements should come fast with the efforts this clean drop-in fossil fuel alternative deserves. These techniques will easily be researched and improved until eventually the system will develop revolutionary star energy densities after first applications are diluted so as not to be overpowering star process substitutes retrofitted in the place of all the other former combustion uses.  Such burner supplements and later full coal burner substitutes will lead to far cleaner and more efficient coal power stations than at present.  Actually, Stan Meyer seemed to have tapped this BLP (TM) star creation process a generation ago to run vehicles without fossil fuel, as Keeran explains it in other papers and in a 66 minute interview on blog talk radio with host James Robey in November 2008; but the talks experiment failed to be replicated;, or Retrofitted magnetic hydrogen gas fueled burners would likely damage heat exchangers unless they had an intermediate, possibly expendable, heat exchanger dust. Old boiler heat exchangers would melt too fast when targeted by burning magnetic hydrogen mixtures used in place of coal dust.  They may act like "Aquygen" torches that even vaporize tungsten instantly; they could vaporize a furnace heat exchanger or wall before the heat has time to sink in and disperse to the heat exchangers far side!  Flame box walls coated with refractory bricks may also be vaporized unless the hybrid Blacklight Process (TM) system was moderated with intermediate expendable heat exchanger particles.  Therefore, recyclable particles placed as intermediate targets for magnetic hydrogen gas mixtures to attack would mitigate intolerable extreme temperature swings on retrofitted heat exchangers. Magnetic hydrogen necessary for the Blacklight Process (TM) would be expected to result from a properly designed quenched arc amid a largely water slurry of many kinds of materials.  The resulting magnetic hydrogen mixture should "burn" but first do at least a partial set of Blacklight Processes (TM), BLPs (TM), and melt surrounding sacrificial solid particles into a molten mist that may include partially vaporized solids; this intermediate particle torch target method is a way to retrofit this astronomically revolutionary Blacklight Process (TM) star burner coal substitute which seems to be directly torching and flash heating an old furnace wall or heat exchanger. Then in turn those initially flash melted drops of say clay, like coal has in it, will in turn heat their adjacent spot area's gasses, like injected steam, left as hot as dilutions are arranged to prevent system damage, particularly in retrofits.  Each spot of Blacklight Processed (TM) single atoms of forms of hydrogen would be expected to heat neighboring target dust and those in turn heat adjacent gasses and water mixed into the slurry fed into former boiler combustors. In other words, this flash heating of target grit is arranged to be cooled by flying area material and water into manageable flaming coal dust equivalents.  Atom scale glitters of star' Blacklight Process (TM) will heat solid grit into a molten mist; grit could be arranged to be clay. The tiniest of stars replace flames; some target bits may sublimate beyond their melting temperatures amid this flame retrofit using magnetized hydrogen mixtures.  However, water injected into the BLP (TM) "sort-of like-burning" molten droplet mixture would absorb the heat from molten target bits, which could just be cheap available coal mineral dust, or a coal slurry of fly ash and or 'fines.'  The net effect is a quick drop-in star powered replacement for filthy coal furnace boiler combustors. Afterwards, quenched mineral dust resembling former coal dust ashes are managed with former coal dust fired exhaust systems which have always contained similar residual coal dust, formerly the partly melted drops of coal minerals appeared as tiny cinders called "fly ash." This new exhaust dust will be easily managed by existing coal fly ash processing equipment.  Large organizations should grab these globe saving star innovations.  Vehicles may use a similar system where bits of solid dry salts are inserted into freshly arced or electrically flash-heated-through slurry to magnetize some of the plasma as it cools an instant later.  Some salt should thermally melt and some vaporize, like grit targets of other Blacklight Process (TM) systems with magnetic hydrogen mixtures.  However, automotive systems may be able to quench molten salt as the cooling solvents flash boil, and also liquefy the gritty salt into salty solutions that will not scratch piston ring seals as they slide against conventional combustion chamber cylinder walls.  Salt should be recycled making this a closed system that ultimately is tapping into the immense renewable energy that is passing through us in the form of neutrinos from the sun and stars. 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Lynnferd E. Keeran's Ultimate Sources paper February 5, 2009 Addendum:

The magnetization of gas atoms has not been suspected as real because magnetic atoms cluster into magnetically held together clusters which behave like dust too small to detect. Magnetic clusters especially of atoms in a gas state behave like solid particles so tiny that they are undetectable unless they become numerous enough, i.e. dense enough. However, Keeran shows how they may precipitate out under unusual conditions and become a significant quantity of noticeable density. Magnetic gasses are an unusual state of matter which is sort of like a colloidal suspension where a small solid particle is in suspension drifting around in a fluid: a liquid or a gas. NOW in addition to these magnetic gas clusters contaminating the pure idea of gasses consider the background dark matter in everything which is made up of tiny atoms amid normal visible matter. Tiny hydrinos drift upward after being injected amid everything at least in the biosphere mostly during daylight. Dark matter is almost always in a gaseous state of matter while between normal atoms. Dark matter atoms at some density are drifting amid the vacuum gaps between all atoms in the universe. These small shrunken, mostly energy depleted hydrogen atoms, which Mills named "hydrinos," and Keeran here calls star ash or star dust, are not able to interact with normal matter in normal ways even though some are between the atoms inside of us and between atoms in every thing else. It is almost as if these atoms that make up dark matter did not exist even though Randell Mills proves that gravity studies show dark matter' atoms make up over 95% of the mass of the universe! Keeran theory explains how dark matter functions to enable atomic surgery on available atoms so cells can grow and make bones and shells of calcium from potassium as Kervran's carrier of research documented and a host of others

Keeran uniquely links the 1) Blacklight Process (TM), BLP (TM) that occurs mainly around stars that generates a star's corona's intense heat and Extreme Ultra-Violet light, EUV, an invisible "black light," and 2) this BLP, (TM) creates hydrinos, star ash, the dark matter, as a byproduct, but some of the dark matter many not be immediately used for matter creation by cold fusion or cold fission until eons later, far far away from all "macro" stars. Keeran Theory says key Blacklight Process (TM) magnetic hydrogen atoms that apparently trigger a sweep of catalytic ion values enabling more star like blacklight processes (TM) between the 137 sizes of star ash which generate star-like heat, and create materials like stars do, are not the only kinds of magnetic atoms and atom sized fish-netted atoms of elements and dark matter, that may be generated by stars or Ruggero Santilli's quenched arcing, Dennis Klein's intense electrolysis, or Joseph Papp's isotope ray path assisted electrolysis, or by Stanley Meyer's sono plasma et cetera.

Hydrogen's single electron has a magnetic field, with a north pole and a south pole, just like any other electron. Electrons are the root of all electrical charge and all magnetism. The negative charge on an electron balances the opposite charge positive charge on the proton. However, it is little known that the magnetic polls are on opposite sides of the electron disk such that the single electron atom has a north or south poll facing outside. Normally the electrons are randomly inserted onto positive hydrogen ions when hydrogen is generated from hydrogen ions which are protons. So normally the immediate area around any form of hydrogen atom has an equal number of other hydrogen atoms of the opposite magnetic poll on their atom's surface to mate with and form a molecule of hydrogen. However, if the hydrogen ions are completed with too many electrons all with the same magnetic poll facing outside in a small area of other hydrogen atoms then they are unable to find a mate of the opposite poll. Excess hydrogen, or any other element or the atoms in dark matter, of the same net magnetic field on its surface will additionally cling magnetically to another oppositely polled side of groups of atoms. Groups of atoms that have already magnetically matched up into atoms with opposite polls include common molecules and incompletely bonded sets of atoms, molecules, and odd clusters of matter which include dark matter. The additional magnetic cling creates an imbalance which invites other polls to join and these atoms soon cluster into extended clusters which behave like spots of a solid or if small enough a liquid among other such area clusters. Only when a critical density of these clusters is reached for certain effects are these clusters noticeable. The main affect all have heard 'loud and clear' is thunder. For when these clusters form and normal atoms in air like hydrogen, from water vapor, oxygen, nitrogen, and argon pull together magnetically into clusters then clusters of clusters they pinch the dark matter atoms that were drifting by in the vacuum between air molecules tightly together with them. Lightning's high temperature turns air into glowing air made up of some plasma in an arc. Lightning is shaking some of air's nitrogen oxygen argon and water vapor atoms so much that while they are briefly extremely hot some are shaken apart into ions instead of being able to stay together as whole atoms. An area in an electrical arc like amid lightning's high temperature can have all molecules in that air knocked apart into ions of atoms. Ions are atom's missing some electrons which in this case are knocked loose by collisions with other atoms; if the arc's target volume average spot heat is intense enough.

The presence of magnetic hydrogen is central to Keeran Theory; however, biological transmutation can not do a star-like blacklight process (TM) without irreparable thermal shock damage to chromosomes in order to get hydrinos for nuclear surgery which makes elements instantly needed for growth. So instead of making BLP (TM) ash, organisms depend on star ash to be injected within reach of an electron counts change which opens the Coulomb barrier up for nuclear surgery. In order for the transmutation of elements the necessary hydrinos, the byproducts from the Blacklight Process (TM), needed to do merging fusion or cutting fission of nuclei in living cell tissues or inorganic counterpart transmutations as Kervran's carrier of research documented and a host of others Byproduct hydrinos can not be made as needed in living cells because they can not survive lightning like arcs, not even Papp's tiniest ones from ion path discharges from Joseph Papp's isotope ray assisted electrolysis nor Stanley Meyer's astronomically hot sono-plasma in hundred millionth-of-a-second spot electrodes of electrolysis between two electrodes; nor other yet to be discovered ways of capturing unfinished star ash processing in the smallest of star process reactions between hydrogen or forms of lower energy hydrogen and a fleeting mixes and matches of fractional quantum step shrinkage/swelling catalyst electron-volt values. The key ultimate environmental energy sources of stars are thus available for retrofitting fire places on earth. Almost unlimited energy from combinations of atom sized unfinished star processes has been designed to be used to materialize omnipresent renewable flows of dark matter and recycle the former mass of Creation for Mankind's endless benefit.

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