-Believe It: We Can Duplicate the Safe Free Power Process of the Sun!-

11-24-03 By Lynnferd Keeran lynnferd@mail.com  See my website for analysis and linkages:  www.geocities.com/leklab


    What news will we believe to be important and clear enough to allow it to change our lives?  When events prove God provided us with unbelievably free natural energy evangelists can also remind people that God has provided unbelievably good news about eternal health in the gospel as well.  There are actually several poorly reported free energy discoveries that are capable of changing everyone on earth’s lifestyle.  We are entering a period of the most massive economic changes since the discovery of fire because Blacklight Power Inc. duplicates the sun's corona's natural energy process.  It is just a matter of time before powerful people in other nations from China to India and Russia to Japan utilize Blacklight's nearly free sort-of atomic energy and create valuable radically improved chemicals and materials from the reaction’s byproducts.

    Blacklight's process creates nearly atomic power levels out of ordinary hydrogen when they shrink it using simple catalysts into what they call "hydrinos" that they presume have never existed on earth before.  (Catalysts are substances that enable a chemical reaction to occur.)   Blacklight’s chemical reaction is safe, controllable and non-radioactive.  And reactors can be made in any size: from tiny personal power units to replacements for huge central power stations.  This revolutionary discovery cannot be stopped or even suppressed for long because the 2/15/00 patent has been distributed worldwide in libraries and electronic databases. [View #6,024,035 via www.uspto.gov]  There are many vital national security interests at stake related to free energy.  Blacklight's energy producing reaction's chemical byproducts make nearly atomic explosives besides providing military with perpetual transportation without refueling stops.  Blacklight powered vehicles can operate continually if they are refueled from hydrogen made from water condensed out of the atmosphere by air conditioners.  Unfortunately, we are now into a renewed and vigorous twenty-first century arms race. 

    The whole world desperately needs what Blacklight has to offer: safe non-polluting nearly free energy.  But experts have not believed Blacklight’s novel energy reports.  It is impossible according to their old illogical and nonsensical “standard quantum mechanics” theories.  Mankind's contribution to global warming gases could be reduced to insignificance when the superior Blacklight Process replaces combustion.  However, what happens during the transition from a combustion economy to this new free energy?  The environment would greatly deteriorate if we waste obsolete fuel during a long transition.  Yet the immediate problem is that fuel suppliers lack enough ways to deliver their fuel to keep up with the world demand. 

    We should not delay making the necessary changes to bless humanity with continued economic activity and the improvement of the environment.  Blacklight Power's process creates an unprecedented new chemical industry from their reactor’s byproducts.  New materials from these byproducts will be even more revolutionary than their free energy!  Since even good change will be costly, I have been thinking about ways to reduce the pain from the inevitable adjustments... like an adaptor to retrofit engines to run on alternative heat or electrical sources like Blacklight’s reaction.  Progress can quicken transportation and knowledge increases prophesied at the end of the age, Daniel 12:4, and welcome Christ to return sooner.

    Everyone will soon realize that the burning of fuel is becoming obsolete!  And that will suddenly totally change the way people think.  Presently unimaginable changes in business plans and investment financing are inevitable.  Energy companies that can must diversify and provide free energy devices in order to be competitive and stay in business.   The future for established industries specializing in oil, coal, or renewables like wind or solar are in trouble from convenient free alternatives.  "Hydrino" based plastics although far superior to the old hydrocarbon derivatives should be prohibitively expensive for quite a while.  Farmers will continue to use fossil fuel, like natural gas, to make organic fertilizers like so called liquid nitrogen, anhydrous ammonia.  But since fossil hydrocarbons, like oil, can already be made into artificial foods, how quickly will fossil foods displace farm foods?   Let us eat oil instead of burning it and alcohol made out of corn.        

    Standard quantum mechanics, SQM, theories that are used to describe the tiny insides of atoms, the “subatomic” structures, have for generations insulted rules of logic and common sense.  SQM theorizes that particles can be in two places at once and cause “spooky actions at a distance”.  These basic theoretical mistakes led influential people in science to perpetuate nonsense about nature.  Life became thought of as just existing mathematically among many other non-biblical dimensions of reality.  Therefore the incredible odds of accidental evolution were likewise tolerable. Now comes Dr. Mills who emphasizes how silly the commonly taught subatomic standard quantum mechanics theories are through his application of the ordinary physical laws of nature.  Mills’ new “classical” quantum mechanics successfully applies ordinary physics to all dimensions, from the tiny subatomic to the whole universe unlike how standard quantum mechanics is taught now. All scientific reasoning must now admit it had become dependant on myths and warped reasoning that the Blacklight Process’ existence corrects.    

    The extremely revolutionary non-radioactive Blacklight Process (among other discoveries) is so disruptive that it will require many people to take a crash course to understand this new physics and chemistry that, ironically, reaffirms very old classical laws for matter and energy.  Many disciplines from economics to history will also need to be rethought.  Formerly secure jobs will change and lives will be disturbed.  Pricing structures will change in unthinkable ways with the anticipation and then the reality of almost free energy.  It will have the potential to humble the establishment by proving them presumptuous and in need of wholesale correction.  Believers in the Lord Jesus can rejoice that our creator made amazing energy so accessible when we correctly understand His handiwork.