We Can Fix Efficiency Fast to Cope with the Global Energy Emergency, in Jesus’ Name

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                                                                                      August 3, 2005

    Globally, the remaining half of the oil will be getting harder to get at the rate more people want it and therefore the cost will be going up until only those who can afford it will be using up all that can be provided.  The poor will do without - but we now depend on oil to survive.  Horribly, billions soon could starve as the cost of living continues to rise because of oil prices.  Food on average travels over a thousand miles in the US and 5 thousand in Canada.  Oil shortages will mean slower growth than what was planned when people borrowed money.  Interest will be increasingly hard to repay when the global economy slows.  Fewer loans will be made when business transactions deflate.  Stagnation increasingly hinders progress during any depression.  Experts and authors predict a long great depression worse than the 1930s because oil is essential for transportation.

    If we do not replace the loss of cheap fuel with something just as cheap immediately loans could dry up before the trend could be reversed.  Civilization relies upon economic activity increasing for continued progress to match what growing children will need and to advance carriers.  Economies now are unavoidably addicted to affluent prosperous even extravagant lifestyles.  People would have to cut back affluent spending patterns so they can get oil fuel.  Increasingly manufacturers of non-essentials could fade away and layoff workers.  Many authors expect the global economy to crash into a deep and lasting depression for the want of cheap fuel like we have been enjoying.  Oil prices will eventually tax every economic level.  Biking will not replace bulky business transportation needs.  Nor will suburban bikers do as much shopping. The global carefree party that has been recklessly wasting fuel is ending.  Life could become unpleasant with less in a budget available for unnecessary luxuries.  However, some nice things do not need to cost.  For example, good fellowship is like heaven and is as free as existence.  Services that do not use as much fuel as does the moving of goods will make services seem relatively cheap. 

    I propose that individuals can stop these dire predictions if enough of us retrofit our existing vehicles to become much more efficient and at the same time make them adaptable to operate on better sources of energy.  My calling is to promote an injector system which I believe can be made to fit in place of the sparkplug that will more than triple former efficiency and power.  Not only is this retrofitting device cheap, it creates a huge new cottage service industry that reduces the consumption of raw materials starting with oil.  The international demand for local retrofitters creates a booming global service economy, where personal enterprise and creativity will be rewarded promptly.

    See links at www.geocities.com/leklab/heal.htm :  Officials are increasingly alarmed at reports of the inevitable oil depletion occurring a generation sooner than hoped. Experts do not see any way around a disastrous global depression with a great risk of more wars over resources.  Wars will not increase the global resource supply.  Warring just hastens economic disruptions which result in contagious sicknesses and more oil famine.  Big fights that jeopardize oil supplies are global suicide. Wars against evil doers may be becoming impractical if they self-destruct everyone’s earth.  Oh God, please hurry back and remove selfish sinners, in Jesus Name.  I will cooperate to be unselfish.

    Almost everyone but Bush is crying for leaps in fuel efficiency and non-global warming yet sustainable power sources.  I have THE solution in mind and on some papers.  Not only will a device that retrofits in place of the sparkplug make a dramatic cost effective efficiency improvement it could also triple the maximum engine power.  Improving your vehicles performance greatly increases its resale price.  The same retrofit technology in the space of the former sparkplug adapts your fossil fueled engine to use electricity.  I see this becoming your way to convert your existing vehicle into an efficient hybrid, inexpensively.  Your vehicle can then begin to run on sunlight with solar cells.  When there is not enough sun it will run, as now, on fuel.  Later we can use an ultimate free energy source when it is ready to be mounted in a vehicle.  I expect the final dreamed of technology for free energy to be like the Blacklight Power Process, a safe half-way atomic power reaction without any radioactivity that mimics a star’s corona.  The Blacklight Power Process shrinks atoms.  It is not fusion.  It is a grand new discovery.  Many companies are developing other free energy sources as well.  The Blacklight Process was patented five years ago.

    We have not begun to uncover what wonderful things nature has until we grab some of the sun and put it in our pocket.  Developing the power process of stars is the final galactic leap for civilization.   What a contrast with dire predictions about oil peaking and beginning to decrease just as we need it more.  Yet we are witnessing an inevitable trend unfold that now looks impossible to avoid, the imminent reduction of access to essential oil resources.  Mankind's population like any creature, experts reason, will just have to “die-off” massively, millions of deaths by starvation etc., down to some cold cruel size sustainable by our addiction to available oil supplies.  Why put up with this mortal limitation to a material energy resource any longer?  Energy itself is not a material.  We have this fuel crisis because energy sources have foolishly become substantially derived from burning our environment.  This leaves a miraculous option for our survival.  We will be healed of this energy emergency through a radical repenting or rethinking and then replacement of our resource depleting way of life by adapting however necessary to a purer freer unlimited clean energy source like the sun, in other words stars.  We should be making durable goods with oil instead of burning such a versatile material that makes great plastic furniture etc.  So we are burning our heirs furniture.     

    The Bible says Abraham’s descendants will become as numerous as the sand in the sea.  That is vastly more than we have now.  Is this kind of technology involved with the prophesied ultimate power source, or is God creating every energy form perfectly by divine recreation without any material go-between?  I want to be with you when we find out soon enough in heaven.  Meanwhile, we should heal shortages immediately by using all that Nature has set before us, compassionately, in Jesus Name. 

    It is amazing to me how simple the retrofit is, just one small moving part. Yet how stubbornly overlooked it has been.  It was patented in 1977 and according to the inventor Detroit did not offer enough for it. At that time the catalytic converter was proving itself as a more universal retrofit.  Converters were an efficiency improvement but incompatible with the water retrofit.  The converter relies upon the exhaust coming out very hot.  The 1977 retrofit injects water that is flashed into steam using up more of the heat, about 80% of which has been going to waste out the exhaust and out the radiator.  The water retrofit's exhaust is too cold to activate the catalytic converter. So Detroit went with the catalytic converter they had under development and not the cold undeveloped water technique.  Converters disrupted the engine design business less.  Even today facing junk status, when Detroit has to change something fast, will their specifications for hot exhaust yield? Or will foreign car makers beat ours out of existence?  It is hard to change an accepted habit, tradition, convention, or belief system.  Arrogant…, …complacent, extinct?

    Maybe it will take this final doomsday awareness to get us to pull together and react constructively.  Others like me see a dire emergency!  Now, under this dire global emergency, change the petty technical federal regulations specifying traditional standard engine operations so most can survive and even prosper. There is not time or financial credit to replace all the vehicles with hybrids.  Just upgrade them.  We would probably still use all the old used cars we replaced anyway.  I am convinced we can make vehicles we own already into hybrids with these economical and simple water retrofits.  I am thinking about giving my intellectual property freely as my contribution toward solving the global oil shortage and dire energy emergency. I want to emphasize that the biblical end of time is near and with this technique we will heal and preserve health and livelihoods and show charity like Jesus would so souls choose to believe in God's plan beyond his end of time. 

    Wall Street news links are on my www.geocities.com/leklab/heal.htm   I have many other references about these subjects.  Few I wrote are wise to broadcast.  Yet this page is at: www.geocities.com/leklab/change.htm