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by Lynnferd E. Keeran, LEK, lynnferd@mail.com February 9, 2005 [Updated October 30, 2009]

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Wall Street and many mainstream stories that I link below show an imminent global oil shortage. No one else sees any demand solution to addicts escalating oil prices. An "oil famine" can be being healed in Jesus name. Unappreciated patents have expired that can retrofit engines for efficiency & more. Individuals can profitably use major techniques to heal an imminent global famine.

Oil shortages will cause massive starvation. Vehicle owners can help prevent a global "oil famine" with revolutionary cheap retrofits that significantly modify their cars. Individuals will change the world by meeting the dire need vehicle operators have to escape more prohibitive fuel costs. As a major bonus, retrofits will also increase the collateral value of their combustion engine assets, which increases their net worth. Collectively it adds up to more economic survival. Oil now dominates all economies.

National security can be more "home made" with new retrofit techniques instead of an offensive national security that requires increasing taxation for military campaigns to protect oil fields or oil producers, as if fighting would change a global oil shortage. Iraq is proving that when the natives do not want foreigners to take their natural resources they can make security measures very costly for oil production businesses. Wars for oil will not help increase the supply. Wars increase the destruction of all vital resources and, as usual, lead to famine. Even nuclear war is not unthinkable. The earth has only so much of any resource and the overall rate of oil extraction is peaking. We should use what oil we can get more efficiently through retrofit techniques. We will be sharing this retrofit technology with the world via the web. We could donate valuable ideas and profit from related info traffic.

I need early founding partners who share my vision to evangelize the hard-to-reach people groups that missionaries have longed to touch with God's love. Vast Asian nations need help and we will deliver it in the character and love of Jesus. We can show practical humanity. I desire to saturate my efforts with all the characteristics of doing God's will. This charitable business will freely point out these are the last days before Jesus comes and judges everyone.

When we heal basic problems, we are basically affirming God's Creation, natural life, as God made it. We can do good deeds with a clear loving and selfless motivation. Because healing famine from "oil famine" affirms God's design, it lovingly draws others to put their trust in God. A deeper supernatural healing exists in the presence of God. God inhabits the praises of his people. So, Praise the Lord now eternally. God's perfect love casts out fear. We will learn how to be more unselfish. We are his church, the incorporation of God on earth. We are Jesus' body members raised from the dead with him. I love and trust Jesus. I will obey his rule over life and death. So I say so. Will you? Know our God better through Bible study. Then let's be a healer.

Oil has been taken for granted. The ups and downs affecting oil prices have been so extreme, so "volatile", that economists have not figured oil into "core" price discussions, because most people thought we would not be running out of oil this soon. But we are! Get ready to meet the Lord who planned our mortality, the end times, as a test. Time is about up. Retrofit!

By LEK with a solution http://www.StarFlameTechnology.com Retrofit for efficiency and even most futuristic energy sources.

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PS Aljazeera, similar to CNN, cites Western treaty enforces not driving! Http://www.StarFlameTechnology.com/alja

More… Current news is available from www.energybulletin.net

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