PROVEN Ultimate Energy Solution! This is February 25, 2010 10% of the 8000 word:*

by Lynnferd Keeran, lynnferd (at)  (Help!


News of dire current fossil fuel shortages is alarming amid:


Ideal Solar Processes HAVE ALREADY BEEN MADE INTO SAFE WORKING DEVICES; but everyone needed Keeran to teach how they worked, so that devices could have been widely safely maintained!


Key EVIDENCE below is explained for Keeran's discovery: Our Sun’s Processes already exist in nature ON EARTH and in former patents:


(1) Books like Kervran's 1980 Biological Transmutations catalog major element changes EVERYWHERE in nature!!

---Clearest example: some creature's shed shells and make new calcium shells without any calcium in or around them to assemble a shell with!  This is really true!


So: Universal organic transmutation shows atoms apparently loan and save nuclear energy without toxic waste, like batteries -- unless atoms are "smashed"!  Passing neutrinos equalize imbalances!


(2) 15 year editor of the prestigious [solar] fusion research journal, published his:

---Pure carbon rods arcing under pure water produces new elements: iron and other elements; fusion! See reference 165 at

Verification of the George Oshawa Experiment for Anomalous Production of Iron from Carbon Arc in Water. Fusion Technology, 1994, 26: page 266+.


So: Simple experiments prove inorganic transmutation, elements change easily; Keeran Theory connects this ‘in-organic’ transmutation method to the above organic ones. Keeran shows "cold fusion and cold fission" is linked to R. Mills’ star corona process; that provides 40% of Earth’s heat!


 (3) Stars’ Blacklight Process ™, BLP ™, discovered by Dr. Randell Mills MD of establishes:

---Catalysts shrink hydrogen into tiny 'new' "hydrino" species via Mills’ star process; without any radioactivity, ‘chemistry-like.’

---Halfway nuclear-energy densities are released from hydrogen, proportional to hydrogen's 'hydrino' quantum shrinkages.

---Mills is proven correct by marketing software that models any molecular change- exactly to known measurements; a major breakthrough! This changes ALL of science!


So: The Blacklight Process™ is the foundation of Keeran’s Theory. Keeran greatly extends Mills’ Theory to explain the strong nuclear binding force, nuclear energy; and to explain: the surface of the sun, thunder, and key ENERGY SOURCE devices: PROVEN real ALTERNATIVES to fossil fuels!


Keeran below links Mills’ Blacklight Process™ to unusual linear thrust that is acting without any apparent reaction!


 (4) Ruggero Santilli pioneered research on magnetized* gasses; Keeran links Santilli’s devices’ odd heat to:

---"Aquygen’s"™ torch of magnetized* hydrogen and oxygen burning ’cool’ until it melts bricks etc. Magnetic-gas* torches’ temperature leaps hotter on objects! View:  Many targets generate excessive heat energies! 


So: Keeran notices magnetic* clusters uniquely hold hydrogen as single atoms; making them available for a BLP ™.  Clean, cheap, star powered ‘torch’ heaters will replace toxic fossil fueled flames in furnaces, and be ideal REPLACEMENTS for dirty coal, like in power stations!


(5) Joseph Papp had odd patents and videos  of alternative energy engines that initially re-used water, chlorine, and inert gasses in combustion chambers near sealed isotopes..

---Modified piston engines produced hundreds of horsepower perpetually!  No fuel!  No heat nor exhaust  but how could a “powerless” engine then explode fatally!?

---See videos & 2003 trade journal's completely convincing full report: -




So: Keeran finds others overlook Papp's isotope ray’s ionized arc paths that remake magnetized* hydrogen forms; just-in-time.

Recycled drained hydrinos are restored by background solar neutrinos amid Papp’s “collector” perpetuating repeated BLPs™.  


So: Keeran finds Papp's 1968 cannon shown rupturing like a pealed banana, says Papp did not guess that he coated the walls with magnetized* hydrogen etc. mixtures.  Keeran explains that mixture, which likely included “single atoms” of hydrogen, generated an astronomical explosion on the surface; A FEW ATOMS ABOVE the surface, fresh Blacklight Process ™ byproducts met and canceled the explosion!  The surface continued to "feel" the rocketing explosive heat and pressure working its way through the surface coating, thrusting quarter inch stainless steel shards curving backward; profoundly the opposite curvature of a chamber pressure explosion. See government test range movie of the overpowered cannon demonstration amid manufacturer’s video:


So: Keeran says magnetized* coatings “spot-burn” explosively - creating linear pressure, thrust, BUT like ‘cooler’ surfaces of the sun and thunder the Blacklight Process ™ heat is neutralized if the byproducts are able to meet. Surfaces can absorb the thrust, or heat, out of reach of byproduct hydrinos.  The dispersing corona of the sun moves hydrinos too far away from heat rays to continually re-absorb Blacklight Process’ ™ astronomical magnetically* enabled cycles.  Mills’ year 2000 patent effectively states that hydrinos REFRIGERATE their fresh astronomical heat.  Therefore, thunder's shockwave is the only clue of the millions of degrees of heat that was instantly neutralized by BLP™ byproducts.


= This working theory enables star-like retrofits to be made and safely maintained forever!


Stars replace fossil fuels!

Interrelated phenomena are not obvious without an explanation.


*Magnetic gas is explained amid Keeran’s amid 8000 words, counting an Addendum.